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What Is True Intimacy?

True intimacy begins with a deep and honest look at ourselves and who we are – ‘into me I see’. Seeing and being seen, fully, is the absolute bedrock of intimacy and it starts with YOU being intimate with yourself before you can ever be truly intimate with others. True intimacy means…

No more hiding, from yourself or others, in any area of your life.

Sex, love and intimacy, together. Eyes wide open!

Asking, directly, for all your desires and needs to be met.

Showing up fully, no matter what others think.

Earning what you’re really worth.

More honesty than you’ve ever had before, in every key relationship.


Are You Avoiding Intimacy?

Do you keep getting caught in the same arguments or repeating patterns with someone, and can’t see a way out of it?

Do you have ‘self soothers’ that help you lose yourself, tune out and avoid an uncomfortable spotlight being on you – watching TV, eating, endless scrolling or games on your phone, sleeping? 

Are you frequently worried that people think things about you or can see things about you that you can’t?

Do you have a difficult relationship with money and/or success, and you know, deep down, it’s probably connected to your feelings of self worth? 

Do you still get jealous, possessive, [insert other ‘negative’ emotion], despite your best efforts?

Can you look into your partner’s eyes during sex and hold them seeing you, exposed, wanting and vulnerable?

Do you still seek external proof – salary level, qualifications, parental approval – that you’re (good) enough?

Are your well-meaning intentions often misread?

Are you comfortable asking directly for your needs and desires to be met?

Do people take advantage of your good nature?

Can you feel the part of you that’s unresolved but it feels too overwhelming to even consider going there?

Is your body sending you signs that you keep ignoring – excess weight, autoimmune issues, niggling symptoms that won’t go away, frequent illnesses and accidents?

Are You Ready For More Intimacy? 

What if everything you ever wanted was on the other side of the door you keep refusing to walk through?

  • A better sex life – more sex and better sex!
  • An ease to the flow of money and abundance in your life.
  • More honest relationships with the people in your life.
  • A greater sense of wellbeing and health.
  • Greater congruence between who you feel you are on the inside and how you’re seen by others on the outside.
  • The feeling that your happiness is – finally – in your own hands.
  • Being seen and loved for who you ARE, not who you’ve always thought you had to pretend to be. 

The iSpot Intimate Gatherings are virtual experiences to help you walk through that door…


Intimate Gatherings

Into Me I See

Practise radical honesty (with yourself), take off your armour and watch your whole world open up. This is the bedrock of your intimacy journey.

Intimate Relations

Create soul-quenching connections with the people in your life. (And experience sex, love and intimacy, together – even if you’re not in a relationship!).

The Business of Intimacy

Learn the dance of intimacy to create business ‘transactions’ that last for decades not minutes,  and profits based upon passion and purpose (not power, control and scarcity thinking).  

Intimately Abundant

Open yourself up to more of everything you want – money, luck, love – by creating a profound shift in your relationship with abundance and what you attract into your life. 

About Us

After a rocky start, we can now do sex, intimacy and love, together. Can you?

We are here to guide you on your own journey with intimacy, to open you up to a richer, more fulfilling, more intimate experience of your life.

We hold intimate gatherings – online + in person – to help people all over the world better connect with themselves and others.

Our main message: Intimacy can be the superpower that opens up the world – and the life – you want. 

Intimacy not only revitalises the relationship you have with yourself and others, but everything else in your life from your career to your bank balance.

We’ll show you how…

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We are an intimate gathering of women, who are no longer afraid to look fully in the mirror, at ourselves and at others, and accept (and even love) what we see! We explore the impact that true intimacy has on all areas of our lives, and deepen our intimate practices – for ourselves and with others – on a daily basis.

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