What is the iSpot?

“i” stands for Intimacy. And Spot? Well, that’s just a play on G-Spot…if you think the G-spot gives you amazing orgasms, just wait till you try the iSpot!

But intimacy isn’t as sexy as, well, sex, is it? In fact we know for some people, intimacy is a big turn OFF! And we also know that to some, intimacy is just a euphemism for sex. Except, it isn’t just that.

Our experience of intimacy has been, quite literally, life-changing…

Exploring intimacy with each other has fundamentally changed how we show up in the world…to our selves, with each other, with our families, with our friends, and in our careers. We have learned how to begin shedding our long-worn armour, to show up more fully as our true selves, and to behave and respond in different, more soul-affirming ways. (And there’s definitely much better sex involved too!)

We created the iSpot to help you infuse more intimacy into every part of your world too…

About Becky & Lea

We’ve both desired more intimacy throughout our lives, though neither of us would have called it intimacy at the time.

Never content with the superficial, round-the-watercooler, at-the-school-gate level conversations we have desired more depth, more honesty, more realness from the people in our lives and have each consciously chosen different paths than the conventional conveyor belt of life, chosen by most of our peers.

Lea has spent over a decade being location independent – she was at the forefront of the original digital nomad movement in 2006 – travelling the world and helping others create the lives of freedom they want to live.

Becky has pursued a similarly unconventional career path, with a focus on wellness, and the mind/body connection – to help with her own autoimmune condition – and supporting others to live their lives more fully.

Since coming out and starting our relationship together in 2016, we have been catapulted on to a whole new path of intimacy; a journey which has required us to see and be seen in ways which we never expected and which has impacted us in ways we never imagined. 

What we share here at the iSpot is a culmination of our journey so far, and we are excited to bring our work on intimacy to anyone who is ready to see and be seen, and experience the life-affirming, soul-quenching impact this can have.

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