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The iSpot Guide to Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation is often considered the holy grail of the many different types of female orgasm (clitoral, cervical, vaginal). The Ancient Greeks wrote about it, the Kama Sutra discusses it as similar to male semen, and some societies teach young women ‘Kunyaza’ -...

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How Intimately Do You Own Your Expertise?

How does one become an intimacy expert? It’s not an obvious career path. There’s no intimacy qualification. Careers Guidance Counsellors aren’t luring graduates to the Intimacy Profession with the promise of a Golden Handshake! So many bad jokes are just itching to...

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Are You An Intimacy Assassin?

We all have ways of shutting intimacy down when we don’t feel we have the time or inclination to ‘go there’ with whoever is demanding it from us. Here at iSpot HQ we call these the Intimacy Killers and those who employ their use Intimacy Assassins... Why You Can't Be...

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Intimate Business. It’s Not What You Think!

An intimate business? No, it's not a euphemism for a massage parlour or a call girl service! Intimacy AND business can go hand in hand in a totally non-sexual way. "WTF? How on earth?" you may be thinking but stick with us here... Intimacy is about being seen, fully,...

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5 Ways To Create More Intimacy With Yourself

When it comes to the meaning of true intimacy, the play on words, INTO ME I SEE, is fundamental to developing good intimacy habits. Yes, they really are habits that we can learn to cultivate...and as with all good habits, when we put the time and energy into...

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The Private iFiles

The Intimate Keys to Having More Soul-Quenching Sex

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve had orgasms, I’m great at fantasising, and can masturbate for England (even being able to ejaculate – yes, the ever-elusive female ejaculation!) but there was always something missing…and I knew it was intimacy. It terrified the crap out of me!

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