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Are you fed up with the polite, superficial, chit-chat so beloved around the water cooler or at the school gates? Do you crave depth? Do you crave connection? Do you crave…


By now, we hope you’ve gathered that this isn’t some illicit, underground sex community (!!), but instead we are an intimate gathering of women, who are no longer afraid to look fully in the mirror, at ourselves and at others, and accept (and even love) what we see! 

This is what true intimacy means to us, and experiencing it has transformed almost every aspect of our lives. If you aren’t intimate with yourself, you can’t truly be intimate with anyone else – and you deny and dismiss your own potential and power in the world.

When you can see and be seen, you open yourself up to seeing things you may have missed before – opportunities, relationships, connections…true intimacy can transform your life, as it has ours.

About membership of the iSpot…

Community Membership

Your membership includes access to a private, intimate online community space.

This is a place for you to stay connected with fellow members and explore being seen by others, practice vulnerability, and enjoy showing up as more ‘you’ (unencumbered by the expectations of folk who know you), knowing that fellow members are doing this too. 

 Intimate Content

You’ll get access to the most private content we create and share (no, it’s not that kind of content!!).

We are passionate about sharing our own intimacy journey – part of our desire (and fear!) of being more fully seen – and we create regular content for members-only. Your membership gives you FULL access to our most intimate content.

Intimate Dates (with yourself!)

Each week, we invite you to check in on key areas of your life – wellness, goals, career, money, relationships, sex and more – and look truthfully to ‘see’ how you’re doing, to help you then focus your energy and intentions for the month ahead.

You are welcome to keep this to yourself, or share with the community – it’s your choice how much you wish to be seen.

Intimate Gatherings

We host regular iSpot gatherings to cement the online connections we make, in person. 

As a member you have a standing invitation to attend as many of these gatherings as you like, wherever they are held. 

Our local gatherings are usually held in our home town of Newark (UK), with a schedule of gatherings planned across the UK and around the globe.

Are you ready for more?

True intimacy doesn’t have to mean making radical, life-altering shifts; instead it can be about punctuating your days with micro moments of intimacy that build connection, that build trust, that build depth.

As a member of the iSpot, you’ll experience a safe space to practise being seen, more fully, and explore how to create more intimacy in all areas of your life, micro moment by micro moment.

If you choose to, you too can experience what it’s like …

…When there’s no more hiding from yourself or others, in any area of your life.

…When you learn to ask directly for all your desires and needs to be met (and to be ok, even when they aren’t).

…When you can ‘do’ sex, love and intimacy, together. Eyes wide open!

…When you can show up fully, no matter what others think of you.

…With more refreshing honesty than you’ve ever had before, in every relationship that’s important to you.

This is about awareness, honesty, commitment, and vulnerability …

But if you, like us, feel somewhat nauseous at the thought of the above, you’re not alone! We know many, many people who would choose sex in a dark alley with a stranger, over intimate, connected love-making with a partner (yes, one of us has intimate experience of preferring that option too!).

And yet at the same time, we have always craved more depth, more connection and demanded more from our relationships than most women do. And now we’ve had a soul-quenching taste of what true intimacy feels like, we want more too! 

What Members Say…

Reading what you share makes me feel braver – not about anything in particular but your honesty and way of writing help me feel more confident that I can muddle through life, motherhood and my relationship too and am not stuffing it all up too badly! Thank you for sharing 🙂 You both write beautifully and honestly ? Keep up the amazing work! 

Sue M, UK

I joined while on the cusp of making some important decisions around my life, home and family. That said, I’m still mid-cusp, because it has opened my mind to other possibilities I hadn’t previously considered. So there is always more to explore…

Our meetings bring a deeper layer to being a member: talking (about anything and everything), listening, laughing, occasional eye-wiping, but always safe, supportive and well-led.

It is a pleasure to be part of this community of women: to feel supported, accepted and encouraged through decisions and changes; to feel able to speak openly and honestly without fear of judgement; to be given the opportunity to champion others in their endeavours; to be positively challenged to approach life from a different angle; and to witness the evolution of relationships. Thank you, beautiful members!

Jo F, UK

I wanted to write to thank you for your writing. I value your beautifully-written words – filled with awareness, wit, honesty and intimacy – very highly. I have been through all sorts of ups and downs throughout my adult life and knowing I am a lesbian and that there are others like me has always been a comfort.

Your blog is such a gift because it is always there whenever I feel alone in my gay life (I live in middle class rural Leicestershire so this is not difficult!) and I feel a little surge of joy when I see a new one has been published. Your words always bring me to tears of being deeply moved, of recognition, connection, of being known and knowing, of joy and sadness and celebration.

I am so glad you two have each other and that you are sharing some of what you are feeling, discovering, struggling with and enjoying because I resonate so closely with your experiences and they bring me such happiness and solidarity. Please never stop!

Lucy P, UK

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