Into Me I See

Are you often worried that other people don’t see the ‘real’ you?

Is your body giving you signs that you keep ignoring? Excess weight? Autoimmune issues? Unexplained niggling symptoms that won’t go away? Frequent illnesses and accidents?

Are external measures – qualifications, certificates, credentials, other peoples’ approval – still important to you? (Even though you don’t want them to be!)

Deep down, do you know there are parts of you (or your past) that you don’t really want to look at?

Do you find it difficult to ask directly for what you want? In bed? At work? In your key relationships?

Can you do sex, love AND intimacy together?

Do you sometimes let people cross your boundaries, and then feel hugely resentful and angry?

Are you finally ready to look at what’s really going on in your life?

What Is This?

This is a Virtual Gathering (a more intimate version of an online course) about being radically honest – with yourself – to become even more deeply acquainted with the you you’ve known all your life…

“Consider for a moment that what you call your “personality” is actually just a composite of habits and behavioural patterns you developed to cope…

Who would I be if I stopped living life as a product of my story?”

– Ebonee Davis

We are ALL a product of our (often childhood) experiences and the narratives we develop from an early age…

“If I just keep my head down, be a good girl/boy and do well, everything will be ok”

“I won’t show them any weakness. I won’t cry. I won’t be angry. I won’t show them anything. Then they can’t hurt me”

“I’m too stupid/lazy/fat/ugly to ever be successful”

“If I just do X, then I’ll be ok/loved/accepted/enough/seen” 

How we behave, react and respond is a consequence of how we learned to behave, react and respond in childhood. Most of the time, this is unconscious and, perhaps in the beginning, served a useful purpose. Today? Not so much! 

Who we are – or who we currently believe ourselves to be – doesn’t have to be rooted in the past, unchanged and static, forever more.  As soon as you begin to recognise that these default patterns are holding you back, would now be a good time to change?

We spend the majority of our lives NOT showing up, NOT being seen, NOT letting most people get too close, NOT revealing too much…that’s a lot of NOTs!

We’re told “just be your authentic self
–  but who or what is your ‘authentic self’? How do you know when you’re being it?!

We’re told “just be more vulnerable
– but what does that actually look like in ‘real’ life?  

We’re told “start accepting and loving yourself more
– but how do you actually, practically do that?

We’re told “be more confident and trust yourself
– but how do you actually do that when you’re riddled with insecurity?

The answer to all of the above? Self Intimacy. Into Me I See. And it begins by seeing your current self with radical honesty…

Why On Earth Would I Want To Do This?! 

Well if you’re utterly happy with everything and everyone in your life, then you probably won’t want to do this! But if things – and more specifically YOU – are not WHERE or HOW or WHO you want to be, then intimacy will help.

You may also find that when you improve your levels of intimacy with your self…

…Difficult relationships in your life magically begin to improve and feel a whole lot less difficult.

…You experience an upgraded sex life (yes, even if you’re single!).

…Your career path begins to open you up to a world of new, exciting opportunities. 

…Abundance begins to flow in a way it’s never flowed before.

…Your energy levels skyrocket and those unexplained health niggles begin to resolve themselves.

And, at the heart of it all, there’ll be no more ‘pretending’ to be or playing at being you; instead there’ll be a deep, soul-quenching sense that you are finally being the you YOU CHOOSE to be, driven by conscious choice instead of unconscious triggers and default patterns you’ve previously never stopped to question. 

What You’ll Be Doing

HotSpot #1

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Take a radically honest look at your self through the mirror of intimacy; and learn how to recognise the signs and symptoms of intimacy deficiency in your life, and how this is impacting you.

HotSpot #2

I See You (Shadow & All)

Write the instruction manual for ‘being you’; see where this version of you has come from (and how much is ‘truly’ you) and which instructions you’d like to begin changing. 

HotSpot #3

Choosing Me

Serve yourself first. Choose the version of you that exists for YOU, first and foremost, and understand what the rest of your life will look like if you don’t make that choice (now, or ever!).

HotSpot #4

Alternate Reality

This is not about vision boards, 5 year goals or fancy, personalised journals, this is about re-writing the DNA of how to ‘be’ you and choosing the alternate reality you want to live. 

HotSpot #5


Stay a step ahead of yourself and pre-empt your self-saboteurial ways to start rewiring your behaviour, switch your default patterns and consciously create more useful habits.

HotSpot #6

Brave New World

Start showing up in the ways you’ve always wanted. This doesn’t have to be about taking big, earth-shattering actions; it’s about creating micro-moments of change every single day.

How This Works

Into Me I See is a 6-month Virtual Gathering, experienced primarily online. Every month, we’ll guide you through a new HotSpot – supported by a mixture of written and video’d content, walking you through the easy-to-put-into-action practices we recommend you complete.

When you sign up to Into Me I See, you’ll receive:

1. Access to the six core HotSpots (see above), with a new HotSpot released to you every month.

Each HotSpot is a combination of written text and recorded videos with summarised transcripts, plus additional resources such as templates, play lists and more which we’ve designed to create a richer, more complete sensory experience. 

[On a personal note: We have created and participated in many, many online programmes and courses over the years and we have created this experience to overcome the key sticking points we’ve faced ourselves when it comes to participating in any kind of ‘growth’ programme online.

We know different things ‘land’ in different ways for each of us individually, and our one and only goal is for you to experience the change you want – we aim to do this through the content included in this Virtual Gathering but if this still doesn’t prove as effective for you, see our promise below].

2. Live group sessions, hosted online by us each month.

We host these private group sessions every month to:

(a) Practise showing up, online, in a group and getting to know us and fellow participants more intimately. 

(b) Provide a forum for you to directly ask for and receive support when you need it (and know it’s not going to be thrown back in your face or used against you at a later date).

(c) Hold a safe space for you to practise showing up and being seen. 

Attendance of these sessions is not compulsory; we’re all adults here and we trust and expect you to show up when you need to and know when you don’t.

3. Membership of a private channel in the iSpot online community group.

This is a private online channel in our iSpot community group, available 24/7, for you to get to know your fellow participants, give and receive support from each other and practise showing up and being seen in a group of relative strangers, intimately.

4. Access to a private Telegram group.

This is a private messaging platform (it’s a bit like Whatsapp) which is where we’ll send at-least daily messages of support, reminders, and prompts to help you create micro moments of intimacy every single day, directly to the device of your choice. 

Questions Answered

When does Into Me I See begin?

The official start date of the inaugural Gathering is January 6th, 2020. You will be able to register to participate from October 2019 onwards.

Is this a group course?

The material is designed is for you to experience individually; we guide groups of individuals through the contents at various points throughout the year to offer a more community-enriched environment for those who thrive in this setting. You are however free to participate in the Gathering as an individual at any time, without participating in the group-led versions.

Do I need to be good at technology?

No! While we use some tools you may not have heard of, they are super simple to use and we will provide ALL the help you need to use them; technology will NOT stop you from completing this, we promise!

Do I still get access to the community channel and Telegram messages after the course has finished?

After 6 months/when you’ve completed Into Me I See, your access will be removed to both unless you choose to continue with a subscription to our monthly iSpot membership. If you do choose to join as an iSpot member, you’ll retain access to the private community channel AND you’ll continue to receive the Telegram messages for as long as you subscribe.

I’m busy; I just don’t have time for yet another personal growth course. How time intensive is this?

We have designed the contents of this to be as effective as possible without requiring huge amounts of time. You may find some of what we suggest you do challenging, emotionally and mentally, but the impact and results you’ll achieve will be worth the investment of your energy and efforts. 

What if I change my mind – do you have a refund policy?

As with any online purchase, you may change your mind for any or no reason and receive a full refund of all monies paid within 14 days starting from the day you join the course (the “Cooling-off Period”). Refunds will not, however, be provided if you have accessed any of the content in our online platforms, including the community group on Slack at any time during the Cooling-off Period. 

Do you have a guarantee?

Because of the nature of all personal growth products and services – and because so much of the success of these is dependent upon the effort YOU put in, we can’t guarantee your success!

However do DO have a promise because it is our PRIMARY goal for you to get the results you want from Into Me I See.

Our promise is that if at any point you feel you’re not making the progress you want, we will be happy to jump on a private, 1 to 1 call with you to see if we can help figure out how to better support you in making the changes you want to see. We will make recommendations, point you in the direction of useful resources and do our best to make this work for you; what we ask in return is that you too invest the time, energy and effort to create your own success too.

How To Get Started

The inaugural Into Me I See Virtual Gathering launches in January 2020. Before this date, we invite you to reserve your spot at a discounted rate in exchange for your input…

Pre-Launch Phase 1: October 1st – November 15th 2019

If you sign up to Into Me I See during October, you will receive a HEAVILY reduced rate in exchange for comprehensive input and feedback on the pre-launch contents you’ll gain access to.

You will get access to the FULL and final version of the Gathering as soon as it launches in January 2020; before this, you’ll receive access to specific parts of the contents only to help us test these and ensure they are as effective as possible. 

This is an opportunity to provide detailed and rich input into the creation of Into Me I See; we will share access to various parts of the contents and ask for your feedback, in terms of how well it works for you and what else you might need/want to make it work better for you. We will ask for written feedback and may also ask to jump on a call or two with you to talk us through your input and thoughts. 

What You’ll Receive:

  • Access to the FULL and final version of Into Me I See, as soon as it launches in January 2020.
  • Access to the private Into Me I See channel in the iSpot community group as soon as you sign up (so up to 3 complimentary months of access before Into Me I See begins).
  • Requests for feedback on any pre-launch content we share with you, throughout the last quarter of 2019 and before Into Me I See officially launches in January 2020.

While this requires additional input from you, we also see this as a way for you to get what YOU need out of the course in a highly personal and collaborative way. There are only 15 spots available during this phase.

Please note that if, after we’ve requested feedback and input from you and this is not forthcoming, you will lose your pre-launch spot, we will provide a pro-rated refund of your fee and offer your pre-launch spot to someone else. 

Pre-Launch Phase 2: November 16th – December 20th 2019

If you sign up to Into Me I See during this phase, you will receive a reduced rate of £397 in recognition of your support and investment in both us and yourself (imagine what an intimate Christmas gift this would be to yourself or a loved one!).

You’ll also receive early access to the private Into Me I See channel in the iSpot community group as soon as you sign up (so up to 1.5 complimentary months of access before Into Me I See begins).

After December 20th, Into Me I See will be available to purchase online at the full investment of £497. 

Join Pre-Launch Phase 1 

To join this phase, as one of only 15 lucky participants, please complete your payment for GBP 197 below.

Once you’ve completed your payment, we will be in touch personally by email within 24 hours to let you know what to expect next, and when.